mercredi 29 octobre 2014


Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !

We're here today with another contest in collaboration with Edelweiss Magazine and La Redoute. We had the opportunity to choose and style an outfit to celebrate Fall fashion. Here we have two completely opposite looks, both enjoyable in autumn, depending if it's a bright sunny day or a grey colder day. Summy is wearing a coat and dress by Soft Grey and slippers by La Redoute Edition. Autumn is wearing a maxi dress, a bag and a denim jacket by Soft Grey, and accessorized the bag with a Cyrillus scarf which is so delicate and pretty.

If you want to take a few seconds and click here to vote for us (you can even vote for both of us !) and you'll automatically qualify to try and win a 100 CHF gift voucher to spend at La Redoute :)

Hope you guys will be riots ♥

lundi 27 octobre 2014

Easy as 1, 2, 3 !


Dear Stradi Girls and Boys !

Summer doesn't seem to go away, what a pleasure for us to enjoy this beautiful weather. Even if it's sunny, there's always a little wind that reminds you that Autumn has begun. I decided to please the sun with a colorful coat that I paired with other neutral color clothes.  The accessories are more on a romantic mood that you can totally adjust with some urban shoes.

This complete look comes from LA HALLE:

Coat - N by NafNaf
Shirt - Modavista
Jacket - 27 Quai de Seine
Leggings - La Halle
Shoes - K by Kookai
Accessories - La Halle
Bag - N by NafNaf

I definitely love shopping by La Halle, they offer a lot of trend with very affordable prices. Plus, they make amazing clothes for plus size, most of the time, the same clothes that you can find in regular size. CRAZY !

samedi 25 octobre 2014

Topic : The bag is an extension of women's arm

Drawing : Learn Something Every Day
Boys don't understand why women need to have a bag... or two, maybe three...
They don't even notice that they keep asking us to put their things in our bag !
Women and their bag, yeah, it really sounds like Mary Poppins syndrom to me and we're more than happy to agree : the bigger the bag the more we can stuff into, everything ! Make-up case, tissues, purse, keyes, medecine, cell phone, iPad, workout outfit, magazines... And we can go and on... Because everything always seems essential to women. But sometimes, once in a while, when we find ourselves with a bag full of random useless stuff, we know it's time to declutter. Maybe just a tiny bit ? And how weird does it feel when we go outside without a bag ? We feel like, incomplete. Does a bag define a woman ? Or is it just some random accessory ? Because when you think about it, it's more than that, more than a fashion statement, it's the trust we put into a simple object, a bag, we bring it everywhere we go, we use it to safely stock our most practical gadgets and stuff. So we think it's great to cherish bags and collect them (because you know, us girls like to replace last-season stuff, right ?)

What are your thoughts about bags ? How do you feel without a bag ? How does your bag look and what's inside ?