lundi 15 septembre 2014

Navy Days

First, guys : sorry for the delay of our posts, but summer and life got in the way. But no more excuses, we're back with lots of stuff coming up !

Today I have a cool outfit to share with you and every item comes from La Halle. I completely fell in love with this cool jacket from the 27 Quai De Seine collection, it has a zip in the front and awesome doodle-ly drawings. It's just one of a kind. Had to wear casual stuff because the jacket speaks for itself. The grey tshirt and black leggings are from LH by La Halle, as well as the triangle necklace. The cute little navy clutch is from 27 Quai De Seine and it's my first clutch ! So classy, I love its box shape :)

The black boots are from A by André and they just look stunning ! I love the buckle on the ankles and they are really comfortable yet dressed-up. It's the perfect pair of shoes for a shopping spree :)

dimanche 31 août 2014

Beauty and Smile experience + Look

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Last weekend, we were invited to try the new nail desk from BEAUTY AND SMILE shop. Beauty and Smile does nails, depilation, tooth withening and a lot more ! They recently opened a corner at MORGAN's shop at Place de la Fusterie in Geneve.

When you come at Beauty and Smile, you will be welcomed by Aline or Marina - they were so sweet - and you will have to choose a color on the nail polish wall. No need to tell you that it was really hard to stick with only one color AHAH ! To make sure the polish will suit your carnation, you can try it on a piece of tape sticked on your skin.

And then it's ON ! Aline and Marina first made sure to remove our old polish and manicured our nails perfectly. They took care of it and were really gentle. At the Beauty and Smile corner, they use OPI nail polish but if you go to to Beauty and Smile  center (François-Versonnex 8, 1207 Genève), they use  other brands.

It was really fast, like 40 minutes, but we didn't realize it was already done and DRY !! You can come with or without an appointment and we gotta say, it's the perfect thing to get a manicure before a job interview to make sure your nails don't look like a mess AHAH ! We took a look at the Morgan's collection and were surprised to see that they have cute and modern pieces.

Then, it was almost 3pm and didn't eaten yet. We took our craving bellies to the Vapiano Restaurant in Geneva. We are already totally convinced with the one that we have in Lausanne but we thought the one in Geneva was the best because of its terrace and its vegetable wall.

Autumn is wearing a casual look that can fit for a few occasion. Beige top from La Halle, tie-dye jeans from C&A, scarf-but-fake-one because in fact it's a jacket LOL from Brandy Melville, espadrille from Art of Soule. black bag from Primark and that cute black capeline and sunglasses from H&M.

jeudi 21 août 2014

Life is short, buy the shoes

 Rebul's Green Tea Eau de Cologne
La Halle's printed skirt and Manor necklace
 La Halle's camel wedges
 Preparing some jackets for fall
Rimmel's sun shimmer, Elizabeth Arden blush, Nip+Fab leg cream